Elmira, NY Maternity Photographer | Top 5 Reasons you should have maternity photos Taken

Elmira pregnancy photoshoot | maternity picture with blue dress
Pregnancy is truly an amazing and beautiful thing. Creating life is no small feat! Maybe you have already decided you want maternity photos taken… or maybe you’re a little hesitant about scheduling your session. That’s ok! We want to take a few minutes to share what we think are the top 5 reasons why you should have maternity portraits done.

1. Celebrate the Miracle of Life
     Pregnancy is an incredible journey that we believe deserves to be celebrated! You deserve to be celebrated! Pregnancy photos are a real, tangible way for you to capture the memories of this special season- because it really is fleeting! We walk you through every step, and guide you through the very best posing to accentuate your gorgeous curves in all the right places. We make things relaxed – and fun! No need to stress about what to wear(we’ve got you covered), or how to stand. We taker care of all the details.

2. Create Lasting Memories
    Life can become pretty hectic when preparing for a new baby, and it can be easy to forget to slow down and soak it all in. Maternity pictures are you’re way of eternalizing this amazing season. Imagine flipping through a gorgeous album with your child, telling them all about your journey together. There really is nothing else like it. Maternity portraits are a way for you to freeze this moment in time, to reflect back on and cherish forever.

3. Embrace the Pregnancy Bump
    Mama, whether you feel like it or not, you are stunning, beautiful, and down-right amazing. So many mamas will use their session as an empowerment to remind themselves how incredible and beautiful they are! It helps to boost confidence and helps you to really embrace the wonderful changes your body has had to go through to bring forth your little babe. 

4. Document the Moments as a Family
    Now it may seem like maternity photos are all about mom, and you’re right to an extent. But mom is not the only one affected by this amazing change. We love having spouses involved in the session too! This is really an intimate time for you both to connect and love on this little baby bump, while we create some really beautiful imagery for you.

5. Connect with Your Unborn Baby
Having maternity photos taken is an incredible time to stop and really focus on the special bond you have between you and your baby. These special moments are a way to create lasting memories, embracing the miracle of life, and an outward expression of the amazing bond you already have. 

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