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When do you take newborn photos?

At our studio, we believe in preserving the magic of infancy through heartwarming and timeless photographs. There’s something extra special about a newborn baby during those early days. It’s a time when your little one is still adjusting to the world, finding comfort wrapped in your arms. Choosing to capture these moments early allows us to encapsulate their delicate features, their tiny fingers and toes, and the sheer innocense that defines this precious stage.

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Newborns are known for their deeper sleep during these early days, making it the perfect time for those adorable sleepy poses. Although your session is typically booked during your second or third trimester, your newborn session takes place 6-12 days after delivery. Within the first two weeks, babies tend to sleep more soundly. This allows us to gently pose them in the most heart-melting positions- without disturbing their peaceful sleep. These moments frozen in time become cherished memories you will hold close to your heart forever.

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In the blink of an eye, your newborn quickly transforms into a curious infant. The first two weeks are a window into this world of fleeting moments that truly deserve to be remembered forever. Our newborn photography sessions aim to create timeless memories that will transport you back to the sweetness of those early days.

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