Ithaca, NY Newborn Photographer

Cherished Moments: The Artistry of Newborn Photography

In our downtown Elmira studio we are all about capturing the most delicate and cherished moments. We believe in documenting these early moments in your baby’s life because this season is so fleeting.

Newborn babies are nothing short of amazing. From their chubby cheeks, to their little fingers and toes… we want to capture the essence of their newness- and maybe some of their early personality as well.

From a sleepy yawn to those quick smirks and smiles, every details is preserved in a way that tells a story. Their story. We are a photography studio, yes. But more importantly we are memory makers. We are here to help capture and preserve the beauty of this newborn stage.

baby boy newborn photo | newborn smile
We never overuse props.

We never want baby to be lost in the image. We take special care to design sets to complement your newborn baby. They should always be the center of attention, and our props simply help showcase their beauty.

newborn baby in green | simple newborn photoshoot

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